Sarah Waldie

Frontend engineer with three years of experience delivering websites to freelance clients and pursuing continuing education in frontend technologies. An experienced professional with over 15 years in marketing and advertising.

I am open to freelance or contract projects and collaborations of all kinds! If you're interested in working together, please reach out.





CSS Grid


Responsive Design






Git / GitHub

SCSS / Sass

Google Maps API

Web Accessibility



Service Workers

Adobe Illustrator

>> Stock Price Lookup Tool

Personal Project | Completed November 2018

  • Built using React and Bootstrap, with APIs for stock data and news headlines.
  • Allows users to enter a stock symbol to retrieve the price and related headlines.
  • Conditional text styling indicates whether the stock is up (green) or down (red) against the opening price.
>> REdeploy 2018 Conference Site

Freelance | Completed July 2018

  • Designed HTML and CSS templates to be used with PHP to populate site data.
  • Allowed organizers to easily add to site without touching HTML or CSS.
  • Collaborated with project team members via GitHub.
>> Tampa Neighborhood Map App

Udacity | Completed October 2018

  • Single-page application built with React (create-react-app).
  • Uses Google Maps API, and FourSquare API; hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • App is responsive, accessible, and includes custom map styling.
>> Alter Surety Group

Freelance | Completed January 2018

  • Custom-designed WordPress child-theme for a surety bonding company.
  • Overhauled previous site to improve functionality, design, UI and security.
>> Sassafras Business Services, LLC

President | Web Development | NYC | January 2017-Present

  • Provide freelance website design, development and ongoing support.
  • Deliver websites from scratch, and on platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace.
>> Sassafras Business Services, LLC

President | Marketing Support | Various | January 2009-Present

  • Create traditional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and trade show banners.
  • Handle creation of newsletters and social media assets.
  • Other general marketing support as requested.
>> Dunn&Co.

Senior Account Executive | Tampa | March 2010-August 2016

  • Responsible for executive-level client relationship management.
  • Handled Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL team) account for over 5 years.
  • Liaised between clients and internal digital department for web projects.
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Education & Training

Frontend Nanodegree | April 2018-October 2018

NYU School of Continuing Professional Studies

Frontend Web Development II | November 2016-January 2017

  • Completed 11-week course on developing with the MEAN Stack.
  • Delivered final project, Baby Center app, built with Angular, MongoDB, Express and Node.js.
University of Connecticut

MBA | May 2005-December 2008

  • Received MBA with Certificate in Marketing Intelligence.
Providence College

B.S. Marketing | September 1998-May 2002

  • Graduated magna cum laude.
  • Liberal Arts Honors Program.
  • Tau Pi Phi National Honor Society.
  • Division I Track Athlete.