Site Launch: Persea Consulting

Persea Consulting helps companies with developer-focused products build relationships with the developer community. Developer relations is based on the idea that traditional marketing efforts don’t work with developers because they are a special breed. 😉 Persea founder, Mary Thengvall is an expert in building developer communities and helping companies understand what it’s all about, and as such, she is a very busy lady (She published a book this year!).

I built Mary a simple one-page site on Squarespace to highlight her services and link out to her personal site as well as her newsletter. This project actually kicked of several months ago, but, as I said, Mary had a very busy 2018, so we were both very happy to get this finished up and live 🙂

I have to admit I didn’t know too much about the concept of developer relations before this project, so it was a pretty awesome experience to be able to learn a little more about it from someone so knowledgeable. Thanks, Mary!

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